That academic excellence among community, junior, and technical college students enrolled in a business curricula may be nurtured, that opportunity may be provided for leadership training and an intellectual climate for ideas and ideals be fostered; and that scholars may be imbued with desire for continuing education, we dedicate ourselves as members of Alpha Beta Gamma. Among us, membership is a privilege earned by qualifications, honor, and service. In the conduct of our activities, truth shall be our quest, diligence our staff, and achievement our purpose.


About ABG

Alpha Beta Gamma is a Greek-lettered, International Business Honor Society established in 1970 to recognize and encourage scholarship among two-year college students in business and business-related curricula. Students from the following programs who are enrolled full-time or part-time may be eligible for membership:

  • A.A.S. Management
  • A.A.S. Administrative Support and Information Specialization
  • A.A.S. Accounting
  • A.A.S. Administration of Justice
  • A.A.S. Computer and Electronics Technology
  • A.A.S. Computer Network Technologies Specialization
  • A.A.S. Information Systems Technology
  • A.A.S. Technical Studies-Manufacturing
  • A.A. University transfer students intending to declare a business major


Membership Requirements

To be eligible, you must

  • Be enrolled in at least one of the programs described.
  • Have completed 15 credit hours with at least 12 hours of his/her work taken in courses leading to a degree recognized by his/her institution.
  • Must have demonstrated academic excellence by attaining a 3.0 GPA or its equivalent in business courses as well as a 3.0 overall average.

Invitations for membership will be extended only in the fall semester of each academic year.


Notable Activities

Fall Leadership Forum

  • ABG Candlelight Initiation Ceremony
  • Leadership Forum Keynote Address

BRCC Career Expo

Various Community/Campus Service Projects

General Membership Meetings twice per semester


Contact Information

ABG Advisors

Mr. Lamine Diop
Office: D 106
email: DiopL@BRCC.edu

Ms. Ellyn Alt
Office: C 108 C
email: AltE@BRCC.edu

Mr. Wayne Martin
Office: D 111
email: MartinW@BRCC.edu