BRCC Enactus

The BRCC Enactus Team of Blue Ridge Community College was founded in November of 2004. This competitive team is charged with creating economic opportunities for others in Virginia, throughout the country, and now overseas, while discovering their own potential. By participating in Enactus, students are crafting an educational experience far beyond what a set curriculum could offer; they are receiving an education, not just a degree.

Mission Statement

Seeing Possibilities – Taking Action – Enabling Change


Open to all BRCC students in all areas of study BRCC Enactus is a member of a global, non-profit organization that challenges passionate minds on more than 1600 college campuses in the United States, and in over 40 countries worldwide, to take what they are learning, as scholars, and utilize their knowledge to better their communities, as well as our world. This team is open to students in all areas of study. So if art, drama, animals, kids, science, history or business is of interest to you (among others) come check out Enactus

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