New location for Book Drop

We’ve moved the book drop.  Actually, it’s in a better spot now, because you can take your time gently dropping your books into the book drop since it’s now located on the little circular drive in front of Armstrong Hall.  The BRCC shuttles and students late for class will no longer be held up behind you on the main drive into the college.  So take your time (but do return your books on time:-).)


A new Emily

We have another Emily in the library! Our new Evening Library Assistant is Emily Correa. This Emily has lived in exactly three places in her life–Elkton, Harrisonburg, and Weyers Cave—so you could say she’s pretty well-traveled. After graduating from Spotswood H.S., she attended JMU and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Media Arts & Design. She can also be found at another local library, so if you happen to visit the Main branch of the Massanutten Regional Library in Downtown H’burg, stop in and say hi to her!

Those few hours a week that Emily is not in a library, she spends her time reading Young Adult books, binge-watching Netflix, and watching way too many baby sloth videos on YouTube. If you’re bored, stop by the desk and talk to her about British TV shows and ‘90s cartoons.