So how is the Houff Student Center going to change once the construction is finished?

Good question.  Let’s start with the second floor (the most important floor, I think.)  Unless things change, there will be chemistry labs in the back new construction.  The front upstairs construction will be classrooms, with a lovely view of our quad.  Once the Testing Center moves downstairs to their new digs, the Library will have computers in the large room in Testing and the many offices will become……are you ready?……..STUDY ROOMS!  Isn’t that cool?

Downstairs, Academic Services will greatly expand so they will no longer be packed in there like sardines.  The present back entrance to the building will become the front entrance with a spiffy new look.  The Student Activities office will be moved from the Bookstore building to Houff first floor.  The cafeteria will remain the same, but all the other departments on the first floor will have some much needed leg room.

Stay tuned.  In two short years it will all be finished.


New Walls Go Up

wall1 wall2

Two new walls are being built.  One is where our periodicals used to be shelved in the west back part of the library and the other where the student computers used to be on the east back side of the library.  We need these to protect the rest of the library from any welding sparks as they reinforce the ceiling for snow loads.  It seems like a lot of trouble, but then a fire in the library would not be good.