New Walls Go Up

wall1 wall2

Two new walls are being built.  One is where our periodicals used to be shelved in the west back part of the library and the other where the student computers used to be on the east back side of the library.  We need these to protect the rest of the library from any welding sparks as they reinforce the ceiling for snow loads.  It seems like a lot of trouble, but then a fire in the library would not be good.

The construction begins…..

Due to the impending construction on the Houff additions (set to begin next week), the library will be in a bit of an upheaval for a number of months into fall semester.

backarea backpiledup

Because the back quarter of the roof in the present building needs reinforced for snow loads, everything in that area will need to be moved in two different phases. This week, we will be moving our back area of computers to the front of the library. During this time, they will be inaccessible to users until Technology Services sets them up. The eight near the reference desk will remain operational throughout this week as well as all the computers in F110.

emptyback emptybackarea

Additionally, the majority of the books in the back quarter will need to be moved. Some will be boxed up this week for the duration of the project; others will move “fire bucket brigade” style to empty shelves (NOTE: We will need some volunteers to help with this when we get to this point – look for a future blog entry in August). Because we will try to keep the library operational during this construction and keep all tables/chairs/books/etc. within the library space, it may be a challenge to browse books due to boxes. If a section is marked off limits, please observe this signage and ask a library staff member to retrieve the item for you. Our goal is to have full access to the entire collection even while the work is being completed.

frontcomputers notables

The packing begins:
packbegins aisleone