Comsonics-Kim Kenyon

Bret Harrison, Comsonics & Kim Kenyon, BRCC student

Bret Harrison, Comsonics & Kim Kenyon, BRCC student

When the newly formed Public Safety division of ComSonics, Inc. needed a logo, they turned to a trusted partner, Blue Ridge Community College. In coordination with Professor John Bell of the BRCC Art Department, a logo design contest was developed around a class assignment. The student with the winning design would receive $500 from ComSonics, in addition to an assignment grade.

Kim Kenyon submitted the winning design, which is now highly visible in all promotional facets for the ComSonics Public Safety business unit. As a part-time designer, photographer, and marketing consultant, Kim was happy to be able to add the logo to her portfolio.

“I was thrilled. It was an honor to have my design chosen by a company like ComSonics. They are a true example of an entrepreneurial success story,” Kim said.

BRCC’s relationship with ComSonics dates back more than two decades; the company began funding scholarships for students in the electronics technology program in 1991.  Over 100 student scholars have benefitted from the scholarships generously provided by ComSonics.  In addition, they have donated equipment to BRCC to aid in both the existing electronics program and the new soldering program.  In the spring of 2013, they were recognized with the Chancellor’s Award for Leadership in Philanthropy by the Virginia Community College System.

ComSonics has also hired many BRCC graduates. Currently, BRCC grads make up nearly 50 percent of the Repair Services division in Harrisonburg, with 24 out of 50 employees being from the College.  Director of Repair Services Bret Harrison said that the BRCC students, “…came to the workplace with production-ready skills.  Unlike many graduates of typical four-year college programs, these students possessed a hands-on understanding supported with practical book knowledge.”

“ComSonics believes in supporting the local community and finds the ‘real world’ training offered by BRCC of value.  Further, the proximity and local control of BRCC facilitates the co-development of programs and skill sets for which employers have a definite need,” commented Harrison.

Pam Snyder, director of human resources at ComSonics, said that BRCC’s ability to develop programs and certifications for their current employees, according to the specific needs of their company, is invaluable. “We’re not a huge company, and Blue Ridge will help us create training to address our very niche needs, even if we only need the training to be offered once.”  That training, according to Snyder, helps ComSonics to stay competitive in the industry. “Blue Ridge has been the best training resource we have.”