The Finalists

The QEP, SACS and Planning Committee members at BRCC have narrowed the list of proposals from more than a dozen to two finalists:

Critical Thinking, Reasoning and Problem Solving,
Personal Responsibility/Interpersonal Skills. 

According to our current  timeline,  the Fall 2012 semester will be devoted to developing and collecting data relevant to the two proposals under consideration for BRCC’s next QEP, as well as collecting input from the college and community at large on these alternatives.  Over the remainder of the Fall and into Spring 2013, the college QEP and SACS committees will work with senior administration to consider all input and make a final decision on the next Quality Improvement Plan for our students.

We are grateful for the interest, engagement and encouragement shown during the  BRCC community throughout this process, and we welcome and encourage all public comment on both proposals!

Quality Enhancement at BRCC

Blue Ridge Community College welcomes you to the beginning of an exciting new period in the growth and development of the college.  We’re creating our next QEP, and we’re asking for your ideas and help as we set the direction for this long-term college project.

Every college and university is required to develop a Quality Enhancement Plan as part of the accreditation process.  Every QEP is a design for a new project the college promises to start once we receive the green light from SACS COC, our accrediting agency.   It is a plan to enhance student learning and is linked directly with outcomes that are attainable, assessable, and sustainable.  We must report our progress to SACS after five years, and we will be expected to show evidence of the outcomes of this QEP at our next SACS reaffirmation.

As you click through this site, you’ll see that we’ve put together a process that we hope will engage both our on-campus community and off-campus stakeholders in putting together our plan.  Our overarching goal is to analyze and evaluate the best ways to improve student learning within the mission, vision and strategic values of our institution. Your responses will guide the QEP development process by focusing the college’s attention on the highest priority for student learning outcomes.  We look forward to your input!