Mar 10 2009


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  • It is preferred that students will stay on JMU’s campus.  If you are unable to do this, please just let us know by writing this in the comments box at the end of the application.  Not being able to stay on campus does not disqualify you from the program, but you will still be expected to participate fully in all required activities.
  • Pass the summer math course and participate in all afternoon, evening and weekend program activities.
  • In the Fall semester following your participation in the summer bridge program you will:
    i) Complete a Pre-Calculus or Calculus I course (which ever is most appropriate for the individual student) and a 4 credit hour course, with lab, in either a Science, Engineering or Technology curriculum with a minimum combined GPA of 2.4 in these courses
    ii) Successfully complete a STEM centered SDV 101 course and participate in a the BRCC and multi-campus STEM centered learning community.
  • In the Spring semester we will meet a few times to make sure all is going well.  There may also be a project to work on, this is under development.
  • Participants will also be expected to provide feedback into how the program elements are improving student success.  As part of your participation in the program, all students will be expected to assist in this effort through occasional activities such as assessment testing, focus groups and personal interviews.
  • Participants will also be expected sign a privacy waiver to allow access, to Grant personnel, to individual information such as grades, classroom performance criteria and other such information to determine success of the Grant program elements.  This information may be used in an anonymous fashion in future publications on the outcome of the program.

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